Agatha Moreira, Brazilian Model in U-kiss’s MV’s messages from tumblr

I’m impressed with the impact of MV that I made along with the U-kiss, I swear, it is somewhat surprising. I never imagined this many Brazilians and fans from all over the world, I feel me like a idiot, because when I was doing the job I did not even know who these boys, and honestly thought it was even a group with half a dozen Korean fans . But the MV came out last night and today I wake up one fine morning, I open my orkut, twitter, facebook, tumblr .. I see thousands of fans and fanatics, too much praise and criticism. I was impressed!
So, fans, don’t forget to follow them, they are amazing, they are all great people and work hard at their job! I loved to have done the MV, it was easy, it’s always easier to work with nice people, everything becomes more fun and enjoyable. And for God’s sake I don’t want nobody else jealous, I have my lovely boyfriend who I love too much and would not change for no one in this world. Aaaah lol, and thank you for the compliments!

OMG, When I think I answered all .. more fans show up. And most of you are one love, so sweet, I am happy with messages posts, all things, thanks for everything .. cuz even though I am only a simple model that only made the video with them, you guys took me into consideration, so I’m very flattered! The boys are lucky to have fans like you guys and you guys are right to have them as idols, they are so sweet, all of them. They were very attentive to me at work and they still are, even today.
I would like to answer all messages, comment on all posts, but I don’t even know where to start, I swear, and besides that my internet is very slow, very much. 😦
Anyway, I think I’m one of you right now.. fan of U-Kiss! lol
And also, doesn’t make much difference because I don’t use privacy at all, so anyway you guys can send message, view pictures .. everything. 😉

cr: Agatha Moreira’s TUMBLR + u-kissthailand + bingeulkiss

9 responses to “Agatha Moreira, Brazilian Model in U-kiss’s MV’s messages from tumblr

  1. afarin be un dokhtare khub, fek nemikardam inghad khub tarafdari kone.
    thanksssss girl. you’re great.

  2. aksash behtar az tasvirishe. inja banamak oftade.

  3. khosham umad.
    karet doroste!

  4. خوب حالا بهتر شد با اینکه ازت بدم میاد دختر کوچولو اما دمت گرم که طرفداری بچه های مارو کردی
    اما یه بار دیگه جرات داری بیا طرف یو کیس ما اونوقت دیگه کیس می های ایرانی یا حداقل منو میشناسی!!!ممنون.اییییییییییییییییییشششش

  5. وا این همون دخترس؟چرا انقدر دهنش داغونه؟
    تو ویدیو خیلی بهتره!اصلا شبیه سلنا نیس اینجا من تعجب کردم

  6. میسی این فنایی که این دختره میگه کجا رفتن اعتراض کردن ماهم بریم
    باید ایرانیام یه خودی نشون بدن که یوکیس بدونه ماهم باهاشونیم

    • عزیزم حالا چرا حرص میخوری تموم شد رفت!فن ها از طریق فیس بوک و تویتر همین مدل از روی حسادت اعتراض کردن
      بیچاره پشیمون شد از این غلطی که کرد

  7. Hey um i love this side,and im a huge fan of Ukiss and SS501 and i really admired you for loving ukiss,im a huge fan of KKB and i wonder who you like the most

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